Aesthetics Training Courses

Our Training Courses

Our courses will give you all the skills needed to assess and treat aesthetics patients while navigating running your own business.

All of our courses cover:

• Anatomy & Physiology
• The Ageing Process
• Biochemistry of Toxin & Fillers Applicable
• Assessing Aesthetics Patients
• Surface anatomy and safety markings
• Demonstration of all treatments
• Hands on treatment on models of each treatment
• Photographs and documentation
• Business strategy
• Legal and social media considerations
• Stockists & prescribers

All foundation courses come with a “Clinic in a Box” to get you started on your first clinic.

All courses come with on-going support via a group chat with your fellow delegates and your trainer.

For each of our courses we require a maximum of 4 delegates.

Prescribing & Support


In the UK doctors, dentists and prescribing health care professionals are able to prescribe toxins for specific patients under specific licensed indications.

All patients must have face to face consultations and this is dictated by all regulatory bodies.

If you do not hold your prescribing qualifications you must partner with a prescriber for your patients. Aesthetischool provides all delegates with a comprehensive list of prescribers who are happy meet your patients and prescribe toxin for a fee.

All prescribed medicines must be used under for the specified patient. Only Doctors & dentists are able to hold stock of toxin due to a legal exemption. This means toxin can be bought with no patient name but then prescribed in clinic on meeting the patient.

This purchase is subject top VAT.