When should I start practicing?

We advise to start as soon as possible. Obtain insurance and thenyou’re good to go. Our insurance partner is in your training manual. 

95% of delegates never go on to practice due to loss of momentumso we advise you start ASAP!

The market seems so saturated, is there enough business?

Yes. Recent data shows the undustry is worth a staggering £3.6billion and in 2023 1:5 people were considering an aesthetictreatment. The time is now, and Aesthetischool will equip you with the stand out skills required. 

How do I get patients?

Word of mouth recommendations will always be the best form of marketing, but spread the word on social media. You could evendocument your training journey, this adds personality and integrityto your business. 

What do I need to start my clinic?

We include a comprehensive list of things you'll require including consumables and safety devices in your course pack. However think about how you're going to take payments, the lighting in your room and how you’ll safely dispose of clinical waste.